Alarm? Possible chime/countdown timer?

Is there a possibility of using this as an alarm clock and have the ability to be able to have something like a countdown timer for cooking, and maybe something like a stopwatch?

A countdown timer or stopwatch are certainly possible, though we’d have to think about how you would start the timer— since Tidbyt itself doesn’t have any buttons.

For a normal alarm clock replacement, we have a way to setup a wake-up light:

During the day, for a more obvious visual alarm, I suppose we could always flash the screen really brightly!

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If there was any way to pick up on countdown timers that I set via Amazon Alexa… it would be pretty awesome/amazing to have those show up on the Tidbyt :).

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A countdown timer would be wonderful. If you could integrate it using the iOS timer…even better.

This would work for my classroom.

Even a stopwatch that counted up would work too.

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