Aircraft/Flight Number Ident

This has been pretty quiet over the past several months but same - near an airport. Would love to see any of the iterations demonstrated here.

I recently got a TidByt and my first try at making an app was to find out the closest plane to me based on latitude and longitude. I’m currently using the Flight Radar API to get data and haven’t published it live due to costs of the API if it went public.

The app displays the flight origin, destination, flight number and aircraft type on the right and a graphic of the tail on the left. Here’s my tweet as an example


Any chance you might share the code so others can experience it or further develop based on your work?


Tidbyt may be willing to cover costs if it isn’t excessive and there is enough desire for an app like this (which I’m assuming there is). Think it would be cool to have. Relooking at this thread, it looks like @rohan had looked into it a long time ago, but not sure if anything actually came of it or the status.

But yeah if the code is at least public, users could get their own api key potentially and run it themselves.


Let us know if this progresses or you opt to share the code. Look at great!

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Where did you get your airline images from?

I’ve got a similar setup where I’m integrating with home assistant and my Adsb feed + flight radar 24 (all rendered locally).
My design is pretty lousy for now but the good news is the data is getting there so it has potential :slight_smile:

Side note: i have a F24 business plan and they straight up told me they don’t even offer an API. So I’m just using the unofficial python API and my login credentials