Aircraft/Flight Number Ident

An even better idea would be arrival, departure info for your nearest airport with a digitized logo for the airline. I’d love to select “DCA” and see ify flight from DC to Dallas was delayed or cancelled.

So… is everyone interested mainly in just commercial flights, or is there also interest in smaller aircraft?

So basically an airport arrival / departures board for your nearest / chosen airport? I could have a crack at that, I don’t think it would be too difficult.

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Here’s what I have so far… Gotta incorporate origin/dest.


I’m working on something like this! It’s working and just needs to be fine-tuned, I’ll post a GitHub repo and full details tomorrow I think. It shows the next departure at the airport of your choice, shows a route map, the aircraft model, gate, time, airline etc.


Would love to see a flight tracker where you input the flight number and the display shows you an ETA , maybe a map like the above post.


Hi Everyone- Coming up for air after snowfall at our airport.

My initial attempt to get Linux/Ubuntu /pixlet working failed. I’ll need to try that again.

@DanS and @Josh_Neronha, your iterations look great!

Definitely the option for all aircraft closest to a location. My hope is to have mine running in my airport operations office and show the next arrival or departure.


What would you be looking for? Arrivals/departures based on IFR flight plans?

Or looking at signals from ADS-B transponders in the area?

What API are you using for data?

As a current ATC, I’m geeking out over this!!!

THIS is perfect! I need this on my Tidbyt like yesterday.

It would be great to specify a location and then see the closest flight based on ADS-B transponder data. I live near a flight path and would love to be able to look up at the plane flying over and look at my Tidbyt to see the info about that flight.