Airbnb Calendar App

I see the new Airbnb calendar app but it doesn’t tell you how to link your airbnb calendar. It’s been extremely frustrating why they don’t just give you this simple direction. Anyone know how to link your calendar? Thanks.

I’m not an Airbnb host, but I believe you have to get the calendar URL for the property and input it in the Tidbyt app.

This link explains how to get the calendar URL:

You need to copy it first, then click on “1st listing” and paste it there:

Anyways you’re right, the user experience on this app is currently bad.

That worked, thank you!!

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Glad to know it worked!!

Can’t get this to work for me, I can add data into all the fields and it previews but will not add to the tidbyt. As soon as you hit add to tidbyt every field freezes and you can only hit the back icon. Happens on both my Samsung android phone and my ipad