Air Quality (Purple Air)

@posburn I use the PurpleAir, and I shared your announcement with a PurpleAir users group on Facebook. Unfortunately, because I don’t have a Tidbyt (yet), I can’t see what your app looks like, which also means I can’t share images with anyone. The Tidbyt app seems to require pairing with a device before it will show any apps for the device. Can you share some photos of your Tidbyt showing PurpleAir data and whatnot? If the app is noteworthy, maybe that also?

Thanks for your post @ejm554 and for sharing on the PurpleAir users group! It turns out Tidbyt has an Apps page you can view in your browser (no Tidbyt required). Click ‘Live’ at the top and then search for PurpleAir and you’ll see a small animated preview of the app. There is a larger, static preview here.

You’re welcome. Thanks for building it. Now I just need to find a way to acquire one of these Tidbyts!

For those who haven’t seen the preview, I’m including a copy in this message.

Screenshot 2022-09-21-113552-B