Advice on How to Write Starlark Apps?

Similar to this question, I’m wondering if anyone in the community has recommendations for how to create really well written Tidbyt apps?

I’d like to make a few more complicated ones, and if there are/were any resources people found that was particularly helpful in empowering them to create apps / understand the lay of the land as it were, I would love to hear from them.


FWIW, I have a lot of programming experience, largely in .NET (not Python), so I’m not new to debugging, code design, etc., but in general, struggling with creating more comprehensive apps and how to re-use code across apps, etc.

I’d say don’t overthink it. It’s not an “app” in the usual sense. It’s just a script that starts at main() and needs to return a render.Root object. I tend to work backwards from mocking up what I want to display, then doing whatever I need to fetch the necessary data. And break it up into sensible functions.

As for code re-use, it’s just copy/paste. There’s no concept of libraries or imports besides the provided modules.

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