Add CBC news headlines

Is there a way to suggest additional news feeds to the list in the Tidbyt latest headlines app?

I’d like to see CBC news headlines. - RSS Feeds (assuming RSS is a requirement)

Any plans to allow user to add custom feeds?


that’s great - thanks for the link - makes it a ton easier. Q for you - are all of those feed useful to someone? and how would you want to see them organized in a drop down list?

the “general” ones, then Sports - (sport name), then Regional - (region name) do you think that would work?

it looks like this:

Appreciate you looking at this. I just realized you created the Guardian and other news apps. Thanks, those are great!

Maintaining the grouping makes sense, and they’re all going to be relevant to someone.

(Though that raises a bigger Tidbyt UI issue of a drop down menu vs search/filter within an app, which doesn’t seem to be there yet? Having the full list of all feeds for multiple news agencies doesn’t seem viable in one Tidbyt news app — I noticed this in the Bikeshare Availability app where the list is enormous and pretty hard to use.)

Hope that helps. Thanks again!

Yes - I’ve thought about the 1 app for all news - but… some of the feeds (even though they are all RSS) have different elements in there + different rules around special characters, etc. The complexity of logic to merge it all into a single app would probably make the app run long to render (which none of us want). Plus if something breaks (Guardian RSS feed from their hack last year) - I can triage just the 1 app and not impact anything else.

re: search - there’s type ahead in Tidbyt - I use it for the Single Soccer Team app (because there’s approx 3000 soccer teams - so scrolling to find your 1 team is no fun). This is about the max I’d want to do without some other method for it.

I actually pushed a PR last night (was trying to slip it in while i saw @matslina doing merges yesterday) - but it didn’t get in. It’s in the pipeline - I would guess at around week to see it moved to production - those folks @ Tidbyt are busy & PRs aren’t always priority 1 - but I’m sure it’ll get done soon.

this is the PR: new app - News from RSS Feeds by jvivona · Pull Request #1806 · tidbyt/community · GitHub

BTW - if you haven’t figured it out - I’m a news junkie :slight_smile: thus all these apps.

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It made it in! Looks great, thank you so much.

that @matslina is awesome!

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