Access schema in pixlet app pushed to Tidbyt

I’m currently working creating an app that grabs some data from an api. In order for me to do that, I need to have the user’s username, and an api key. I was going to grab this from the user using the newly exposed schema, however when I push the app to my tidbyt the mobile app doesn’t show any fields for me to edit.

I noticed that according to the GitHub it says:

Schema is for configuring apps submitted to Community Apps. We’re working on adding tighter integration into Pixlet so that pixlet commands make better use of schema.

So does this mean that pushing to Community apps is the only way to get this functionality? Is there any way to test this in the mobile app without pushing to Community apps?

Edit 1: I just realized you can test this functionality when developing by rendering the app in browser. That’s definitely convenient and actually helps a lot (yes I realize they probably mentioned it in the recent dev update where they opened up the schema for everyone, I am a fool).

Yes almost all of the schema works with pixlet render. As of now the location and locationbased schema do NOT work.