Ability to pin an app to the screen if they're active (e.g. the 'Now Playing' apps like Spotify)

I’ve only used the Spotify app, but I assume the Sonos app is similar in how it behaves.

I would like the ability to pin certain apps to the screen if they’re active. The main (and only) use case I can think of where this would be nice to have is when one of the ‘Now Playing’ apps (e.g. Spotify, Sonos) is actually displaying info. When music is not playing, the app is not in the rotation that shows up on the Tidbyt. When music is playing, the app is one part of the rotation.

The ask here is to allow for the option of always having the music app be on display (i.e. pinned) when it’s actually showing information (i.e. active).

BIG +1. Would love this and use it all the time if available.

+1, this would be so helpful in many different situations. For instance, public transportation screens could only show during operational hours, the stock displays could hide themselves after the close, and things like the Event Countdown or ISS Tracker could claim the screen at the moment the information is most relevant.