Ability to have an ALWAYS ON for a widget if applicable

If i have a certain widget, say the Spotify widget, I want an option that makes it so that if music is playing, the spotify widget always shows and doesnt cycle other widgets until it stops playing music. With that it would be also nice to be able to set custom timers per widget, i.e one widget displays for 5 sec another could display for 30 sec etc

That would be nice to have it automatically pinned when music is on - and be able to turn that option on and off.

Just made me think…it would also be nice to have the option to schedule when things are pinned like sports scores at night or transit stuff in the morning, etc.

I think that already exists but it’s up the person that wrote widget

Spotify will display automatically when music plays, but it won’t automatically pin itself, which keeps it from cycling to other widgets like you’re saying.

Even if you pinned it manually, it will not cycle to the other apps when there is no music playing. It holds the other apps hostage with the screensaver animation.

That’s false. The Spotify widget only displays it music is playing

If pinned, the Spotify widget turns into a screensaver when no music is playing.

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