What is your IDE of choice?

What’s everyone using as an IDE? I’m going to try VS Code but not sure about extras needed to get the best experience with starlark. I see Basel come up a lot in search result. Anyone using this?

I use VS Code, but I don’t use Bazel with it. I just use the bazel-stack-vscode extension though ebcause I mostly just wanted syntax highlighted. I haven’t looked too deeply though into other extensions. I think a lot of people use one of the bazel extensions and all of that though.

@pineapple Out of curiosity - do you have any autocomplete going on? That’s been my biggest issue with VS Code and Starlark code.

I mean I definitely have tab-complete on. But it’s off in my extension settings, so it must be through something else or named differently. But as I start typing I do get a box of known commands or words already used in my script I can select to not have to type.

I honestly really just wanted something to syntax-highlight commands and everything. But the extension mentioned above has the Starlark language server and docs with it it looks like, which I’m guessing other may too.

Looks like I found an old thread. I’m also just getting started. I’m using VS-Code and trying to get a formatter setup (not the same thing as OP, but similar) anyone have any suggestions / resources on how to do so?