Tidbyt Hardware Failure - No Display

Hi team

Today I woke up to a lifeless tidbyt. I have used it since I got it last year and it’s been connected to the included power supply for the whole time.

I have tried unplugging and plugging it back in. I tried using the usb c block to charge my phone and it is indeed putting out power.

I wonder how I can check the tidbyt for damage. I did not open the device, however, if I smell near the usb socket, I can smell like a burnt electronic smell. I wonder if something failed inside.

Could this mean my tidbyt died? :frowning:

Please let me know if there is any other troubleshooting to try.

Thanks guys

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Hi James,

Really sorry to hear this! It’s possible that a component short-circuited due to a power surge or similar. I’ve seen this happen in one other case.

We’ve worked with an expert electrical engineer and made some major revisions to the electronics in the last few months to add surge protection on the USB circuit. I’ll overnight you out a new Tidbyt today with these upgrades today.

If I include a return label, would you mind sending back your current Tidbyt, power supply, and cable so that we can investigate the issue here?

Apologies again.

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Hi Rohan

I am beyond thankful for your gesture to replace it so quickly.
I am more than happy to return my current tidbyt with having a replacement.

Although part of me will miss it as it is special being one of the first tidbyts sold.

It will be missed.

Perhaps if the circuit is repairable, it can be repaired and returned to me as my “Kickstarter” tidbyt I had bought :joy: but might be too much logistics to track this.

I’ll be sure to return it for your investigations. I’d be curious to know what you find as I do have some electronics repair experience.



I’m the one who should be grateful :heart: For an early-stage company like ours, it’s unbelievably helpful to get feedback and hear about issues from our customers.

Will see what we can do :slight_smile:

Would you please DM me your current shipping address? Thanks!

No problem!
And no worries if it’s too much work or there are changes that make repairing mine impossible. I’m just happy to have it replaced.

Funny how accustomed I have gotten to the tidbyt always being there. Now without it lit it feels like something is missing.

PMing you now. :slight_smile: