Tidbyt go into sleep mode

I do not leave my router powered up 24 hrs a day. When I shut it down, I would like the unit to go into a sleep mode instead of attempting to connect. It will flash a bright white bar across the top of the display, light up a dark room very well, but is distracting.


Yes agree, I would also like to see an overall sleep mode/schedule for the tidbyt (i.e. sleep between 23:00 to 07:00), not just at the “tile” level.

No point in it running im an empty office room for example


I like this idea too! Have you considered a smart plug as a temporary solution until the feature is added though? I have Belkin Wemo smart plugs and you can make those run on schedules if you are consistent on when your router is powered off. Or, you could use the app to turn off the switch manually instead.

Thanks Andy for the suggestion, did not think about a smart plug.
Now I am using one.

Just curious why one would be turning off their router nightly? With home automatons, home security systems, system patches for macOS, Windows, iOS, smart appliances like water heaters, furnaces, security cameras, and even Tesla’s that need 24x7 connectivity to the internet, aren’t you effectively causing issues by turning off internet connections for all those devices… including the Tidbyt?

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