Tidbyt disconnected from Wifi, Cant relink to my old profile

I recently noticed my tidbyt was looping on the connecting page. to get it connected to my device again all that seemed to work was creating a new device and starting from scratch. that seems like not an effective way to reconnect whenever wifi changes. it seems there should be a reconnect feature in the settings so i dont lose my old device page with all my widgets on it. is there a way to migrate one page worth of widgets to another?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing, it’s so annoying. My wifi went down for about an hour yesterday morning and then came back and literally the entire “device” is stuck on connecting and I have to start a new one and rebuild everything from scratch. This will be the third time I’ve rebuilt all of my widgets as a new device. Why on earth isn’t there a place in the settings to simply reconnect to wifi??

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Adding my two cents here to make sure this topic stays open as I think this is something that should really be looked into. I took my Tidbyt to some else’s house and it wouldn’t connect so I had to set it up as a new Tidbyt. Came back home and I had to do the same thing AGAIN. All of the old set-ups are basically useless now.

Not sure if your phone and Tidbyt have to be on the same wifi in order for the app/device to talk, but once you go through the initial Tidbyt set-up you cannot change/select a new network which is really inconvenient.

I really hope this gets looked into as so would like to travel with it without having to restart every time.

*In tandem with this, it would be great if you could create multiple layouts and quickly toggle between them (versus adding/removing/pausing/pinning).

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another item is if you change your wifi you have to reset your tidbyt and go from scratch. This also is annoying because your device ID and key changes as well if you change your wifi which makes it hard to keep a set ID in some cases.

I purchased a new wifi router a few days after setting up tidbyt and the solution was to reset the tidbyt and set it all up from scratch with the new wifi router. we also had to update our private app with the new device ID and api key. It would be nice if that was not required or it was easier to see wifi profiles.