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Hi all

Really excited to see the Tidbyt in action. I’m a novice coder, so I’m hoping that the Tidbyt can come with some online tutorials or a booklet on how to use the coding app that is part of the product. One of the things I’ve learned in my line of work is that coding is often a gated community and there isn’t often a push to share knowledge of how and what to do. I’m hoping this community can be open to creating explainers for those of us who are learning and eager to start using the Tidbyt.

To this point, are there plans for a way to make the new apps developed by Tidbyt users ubiquitous for all other users to use on their own Tidbyt?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hey @shaunfld, and welcome to the community!

What we have right now is the Tidbyt API and the Pixlet SDK. You may also enjoy our blog post on how to write a Bitcoin tracker that we published a few months ago. Pixlet and the API are actively being used by some of our early adopters, and you can see some examples on the forum over here.

To answer your main question: Yes, the idea is provide a way to share apps with other users. We’re not there yet, but it’s frankly one of the features I think we’re the most excited about getting out. =)


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