Playing video!

So this is probably impossible to do or something but just thought I’d ask. Since things can animate on the display and display photos as well, would it be at all possible to play video somehow? Like a raw .mp4 file, for example?

More or less. If you convert the video to webp or gif in the correct dimensions, it can be displayed

Since there’s no speakers, not sure how much sense it makes to play entire mp4s though

I guess I thought it might be cool to play a video file directly on loop. My limited knowledge on the subject is assuming that a 5-10 min mp4 is going to be a smaller file size than gif and I can also just play it without having to convert to gif first?

Like if I played a movie clip on loop (hell, even a whole movie?) or a home video of my family or something. Or something I shot on vacation. Basically anything that’s longer than a typical gif playing length.

Yeah, this would be difficult. There isn’t enough memory or storage onboard for an entire video, regardless of the format. It is possible to make this work with the API by abusing it a bit.

Basically you would need to chop up your video into 5-10 second chunks and push them all to the Tidbyt API. Our server would then spoon-feed these chunks to your device and it would look like a single video.

That’s the theory anyway. In practice if you chopped up a 30 minute video into 10 second segments and pushed those all to the API… I actually think it would work but there would probably be performance issues or a bottleneck somewhere.

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