Pi-hole & Raspberry Pi Status

It would be really cool if it was possible for the Tidbyt to pull and display the metrics and status of a Pi-hole running on the network.

Total Queries
Queries Blocked
Percent Blocked

Possibly the status of the system (Raspberry Pi) running Pi-hole like CPU Temp, CPU Usage, Mem Usage.

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This use case might be difficult with the current infrastructure since tidbyt cannot access local network resources.

However maybe this can be accomplished 2 ways.

Today: you can have a pixlet server running on your pi, and on an interval, serve the rendered pixlet containing the metrics you desire using the API. This would work with current tidbyt today.

Future: this can be tricky, but perhaps an app can be built and ran on the tidbyt, and the user can specify a data source URL. Then you would need some method to make the pi data available externally, like a REST Api. This app could then call the REST api on your box to get the metrics in a json, then render it for displaying. This would require port forwarding and making your Pi visible to the internet, which isn’t necessarily ideal.

Hope this is good food for thought :slight_smile:

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