Multiple "profiles"?

I stream sometimes and my current setup has my Tidbyt in frame on my face cam. I’d really like the ability to have at least two sets of setups or profiles so that I can, for example, hide all apps that might reveal my location or personal info (like transit stuff, calendar, etc), or add apps that I might normally not have on display (like an image app with my channel logo). I feel like this would be a generally useful feature in other ways as well.


I use the Tidbyt at parties, and I’m also about to use it at a work event. For both of these I had to delete about 30 stock and crypto tickers, and at the work event I have to delete my family pictures. It’s a pain to re-add these right after people leave.

Having a profile, or “view” would certainly help quite a bit and shouldn’t be too hard of a feature I don’t think? Just have batches of apps only present under one profile or view.

I share an office with a partner, though we alternate WFH and being at the office. It’d be great for each of us to have a separate profile.