More app cycle speeds

Some of the new user-created apps are great (like all of the sports score apps). But they would be even better if they had more time to scroll through everything before Tidbyt moves on to the next app. It would be great to have more app cycle speeds (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc).

I wish you could set it per an app, I haven’t seen that yet.


Per-app would be the dream.


Also maybe just allowing the user to set the time in seconds, rather than the generic, and frankly bad UX, of “normal, fast, faster” or whatever it is.


Ya for the news app it closes before the scrolling could even finish. For news, it should be programmed by text instead of time.


Being able to adjust the time each app displays is definitely at the top of my wishlist. Some apps need to be up longer to be useful (news headlines, sports scores), while some apps are better in shorter durations (still images). Please make this happen Tidbyt squad :pray:


This is kind of a duplicate request to the one here: Feature Request: Apps can set their own relative duration - #12 by ptewari

(at least the issue being discussed is the same, but an alternative solution is being discussed)

I’ve seen this has been requested a number of times. Not sure if they are planning this, but would love to see it.

For the Sonos app, it would be ideal if there was an option to hold on the Sonos app as long as Sonos is active. Just an option, it doesn’t have to do it by default.

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