"Hot Coffee!" with Guest access to Tidbyt

I have a couple of these on order for business use. It would be GREAT if there was some easy way for any employee to make a Tidbyt in our open office say “FRESH COFFEE!!!”. I don’t really want all employees to have to have the ability to make changes.

So, my thought is, can you enable a simple guest access to the app? For example, they open the app, log in, can just tap and select what is on the tidbyt screen. With no ability to make changes? This could be used for a lot of things - you could have a tidbyt at your desk that shows if you’re working from home that day. Or select the main tydbit and and choose some options. All sorts of fun things. But in an office environment you probably don’t want full access to a tidbyt in an open area.

In a perfect world there is a Bluetooth button or trigger they could press in the breakroom, but it seems like a “Guest” option on the app would be easier to implement?

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