First Tidbyt Community PR

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Looks like you made a pull request for to your own fork of the repo. Since you have control of your own fork you don’t really need to do a pull request there because you can just approve it yourself. What you need to do is submit a pull request to the original repo that is owned by tidbyt.

Ah, thank you, thought that might be the case! I remember when I was creating the PR there was a point where I had to deal with “gh repo set-default fork” and could choose between my own fork or the main community repo - was that where I messed up? Was curious if I should just scratch this PR and create a new one or how best to proceed.

Btw I really like your noaatides and noaabuoy apps, very relevant to my submission!

If I think I messed something up with the repos and forks I usually just start over. It’s easy to do since we are only dealing with one folder and two files for each app.

But it sounds like the default fork option might the problem. But you can also go to tidbyt’s repo on github and it should recognize that you have a fork with changes and prompt you to make a PR.

Also, for organization sake, most people will make a new branch with the name of the app they are building or modifying. I like using github desktop for most of this because it makes it very obvious what you are doing. It’s good to know the command line but it’s a little fiddly for my liking.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Yep that’s it.

Just curious how your app handles when there are more then 2 tides in one day. And the white text is the countdown until the above tide ?

It’s always showing the very next two tides based on the current time, whether low or high. That’s right, the white text below is hours / minutes until the above tide.

Btw will the change just get merged once the reviewers are satisfied with the code? Is there any action I need to take other than responding to feedback / updating with any necessary changes?

Also what is the process after a new app is merged into the community repo, with regards to the app becoming available via the Tidbyt app?