Exact timing for app cycle speed

What are the actual times (in seconds) for the various app cycle speed options in the Labs section of the app? I’d like to display a long-running animation on my Tidbyt, but it keeps cutting off before the file actually ends.


Yeah. This is important when we use the Twitter feed feature., Knowing how many seconds would be fantastic. Maybe an app update request :slight_smile:

Just checked and the speeds are 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 7.5 seconds, and 5 seconds.

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Nice. Thank You.

Question; If we have the twitter feed app running, do you think instead of the speed slider value for just the twitter app, It could override the speed switch value until it has time to finish scrolling completely off the screen? I’m not too sure if 15 seconds is enough time to display a full 280 character tweet and let it fully scroll off the display…

For is I have four apps, and set the speed to PLAID, that only the twitter app would ignore the speed value, and switch once the entire tweet has scrolled off the screen, but all of the other apps would obey the PLAID speed slider value?


I was thinking the same thing. It would be cool if, out of the box, it has the current setting as it is, but also give you the ability to switch the timing to each specific app.

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Agreed. I would love to have the time and weather display for 15 seconds, but then have five or six stocks displayed for two seconds at a time. Right now I only have two stocks because if I had more, it would barely show the time app and weather app.


I created a feature request specifically for this: Feature Request: Apps can set their own relative duration - #4 by saltedlolly