Custom duration per app

I am using the Marquee widget to display some text but I am unable to determine how much time tidbyt should wait before switching apps.
On a similar note it would be nice to determine the speed on the Marquee.

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It’s controlled by the app cycle speed, which is currently on the “Labs” tab on the app. I don’t think it can be customized per app, at least not at this time. Please see Exact timing for app cycle speed for information on this.

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I’d really like to be able to control the speed of the marquee as well. When scrolling vertically, it’s just too fast for me.

You can control the speed of the Marquee widget by setting or changing the delay on render.Root.

Great, thanks! I must have missed that in the documentation.

Hey folks!

@inxi is right, you can control the speed of the Marquee widget to slow it down. If you’re looking to control the duration of each applet, it’s something we’d like to see as well but don’t have a great time frame for when it will be available. See this issue by @joeyhoer for more details: