Cannot push local apps

I have a bunch of a bunch of triggers on my PC that send images to the Tidbyt and has been working amazingly for months. All of a sudden, I cannot push any rendered webp files to the Tidbyt. It still shows up on pixlet under devices and I can control everything from the Tidbyt app like normal, but the pixlet app isn’t sending anything. My Device ID/API Key hasn’t changed, so really unsure why all of a sudden it is broken. Any suggestions?

How long have you had your Tidbyt?

I’ve had my Tidbyt since the end of January 2023.

If you run the pixlet manually from the PC, does it work? (i.e., not by being auto triggered in some way?) If not, does any sort of error message arise?


No error of any kind, runs as normal. I’ve rebooted the PC and Tidbyt several times.

It randomly started working again last night, and then is back to not responding now.

So are we not allowed to push local apps anymore? All of a sudden I am getting 500 Internal error for the Tidbyt API. Nothing has changed from my side.

there’s an outage this morning - they are working on it.

Thanks for the update! Good luck.

Is this still an issue? 5:45 EST and I’m still getting certificate errors when trying to push local apps, and if I try to login again using pixlet I get the error:


Same issue… I am unable to login with the same “This shouldn’t be possible at all” error.


Hey folks,

Sorry about this, as mentioned earlier in the thread we had an incident with an expired certificate yesterday that had a ripple effect on other things. The problem with pushing local apps was fixed earlier this morning. If you are still experiencing issues with this, please let us know!

I am still having some issues but I’m willing to say “user error”. I am able to login now. I can run pixlet devices and see my device. I push my webp to the device and the command completes without error. But I don’t see my app on the device. Is there some step I’m missing?