Animated GIFs / Animated PNG's

The ability to upload a small GIF or animated PNG would be awesome.

You can do that using the Photo applet I’m the Tidbyt app.

@drudge I’m pretty sure the photo applet is for static images only. I have not been able to upload GIFS I animated myself. How were you able to do it? Are there any restrictions on file size, file type, etc.? The GIF files I was trying to upload were under 250KB.

@R2D2 - The Photo applet does support GIFs. I’ve used it with several from the internet.

I’ve simply saved the GIF to my Camera Roll on my iPhone, opened the Tidbyt app, added the Photo/image applet and selected my GIF using the Gallery button.

You’ll be shown a preview of the GIF and can pick how it will be cropped to fit on the 64x32 screen.

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