2 feature requests

Just received it, it’s fantastic, excited to use this. Have a couple of app ideas that would be really useful

  • Would love to be able to have it display tweets. Maybe the most recent from a specific account, or perhaps from a list?

  • It’s going to be in a central place in our house, think it would be cool if anybody in the house could send messages to display

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Oh yeah, a Twitter app is definitely something we need. It’s in our app backlog.

This is actually possible with the API currently, but there’s no interface for it yet so it’s not ready for the “anybody in the family can send a message” scenario yet. I’ll see if I can rig something up that would work for that!


Just following up here. We have a Twitter app now which can display tweets from a specific account.

I’ll create a new topic for the “messages” idea so that can be voted on separately.